In Appreciation

Writing the book was, in some ways, the ‘easy’ part of this e-publishing journey I’ve been on! The writing, the editing, the re-writing, the re-editing, the peer reviewing, etc., took a while, but the next stage was a frustrating one. Formatting my writing so that it worked when uploading to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) cost me many hours of trial and error.

Of course, I should have turned to the worldwide web, for help, sooner than I did! The things we learn on the way (despite our bloody-mindedness!)

So, I asked and I am very much appreciative of the prompt support given by Jason Matthews in the US. I didn’t know Jason at all, but I found his site and he answered my questions quickly and as best he could.

I haven’t read any of Jason’s books, nor do I know anything more about him apart from what I’ve read on his site. (So that’s my caveat: you make your own choices!) However, I promised myself that, when I finally got to the point of pulling it all together with my own book, I’d give credit where it’s due. So, thank you, Jason. You are appreciated.

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