A Manifesto for Writing

So you write? What is it that you write? By this I don’t mean simply ‘which genre?’ or ‘which story lines or characters?’ I mean to ask what is it that you write into everything? You are your words and your words are you. What’s your philosophy?

A few years ago, I was reading Jack Kerouac and came across his Belief & Technique For Modern Prose: List of Essentials. I was inspired. Love him or hate him, Kerouac pressed my buttons enough for me to want to write down myself, my processes, my thinking on writing, what I write (or try to write) in everything I produce.

So, a simple question to you: what’s your writing manifesto, your technique? Inspire yourself, my fellow writer. You are stardust.
From Manifesto One (2002) — the  elements that, I find, are still true for me today. (Frankly, I’m surprised and pleased that there are so many that still drive my thinking and writing):

Be mindful of the moments: like atoms, they make up everything
A kiss is never to be taken lightly — so write it in everything
Take space to breathe
Writing is a rush
All words are right, in some way
Never let those dreams go — dreams make us sad and whole, broken and missing, lost
Be in love with love
All love is valid — it all weighs in the same: bank it
Let your lostloves and neverfounds sink you somedays — it’s OK
Read and re-read your words; love them and cherish them like gems of light
Never, on no account, ever burn or throw away your words
All words are right — know this
You are an artist — despite what may be said
Art is a way of living
Treat your notebooks like relics
Write your words in any manner that suits your mood
Be confident in knowing what illuminates you
Share your moments of beauty with those who know what moments of beauty are
Manifesto Two (2012 additions)

Beauty is in ache and stretch, in lament and love
Nothing is ever finished
We, and our stories, are comprised of layers and glass
Everything connects
All stories are true
Note: this article was first published at www.writersdock.com under a pen name.

4 thoughts on “A Manifesto for Writing

  1. charliebritten says:

    Hello Joel. Never knew your name was Joel, but hey! I haven’t read your blog yet, but I have bookmarked it as something to enjoy later.

    • joelseath says:

      Hi Charlie. Yes, as I say, it’s a small internet! We have many representations, but this me is the ‘real’ me. 🙂 Feedback, comments, opinion is always welcomed on posts here. Look forward to reading your blog too.

  2. I loved the manifesto and Kerouac. My own rule is keep your head down and write until nothing else can be written and listen to no one ‘cept your own heart. Good Luck!

    • joelseath says:

      Thanks for reading. Listen to your heart is definitely sound advice. If my instinct tells me ‘these words’ work, then these words work in the now. What if others see other things in your words though?

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