Triptych States I-III

Afloat on the ocean, the flotsam and the jetsam,
the shipwrecked of the drama-politique,

Ceci n’est pas un poème.

The Right State to Come
A Near or Future Tale

This is Anodynia: the state of least resistance.
We’re told the truth, the dream, the reset plan,
in segments we can swallow,
in factory unit phrases:
homogenised and harmonised.

We don’t use the capital letters
but we know that they are there.

Some of us write of Anodynia, though quietly:
for now.

After the Light Came

The resistance grew and blew
empathy into one another’s
shattered, screaming sensibilities:
people cried.

individuals understood the light that came,
first as particles,
and then as waves
together, as polarities dissolved.

‘We’ was no longer a four-letter word.

Of Lennonism

In the future of the near and far,
we’ll dare to disagree,
but we’ll talk with one another, listen,
and we’ll agree to disagree.

Oh, the state of the state:
dreamers dream.