Joel Seath | Writer
Hampshire, England
(Evolutions: 2002, 2012, 2016)

• Be mindful of the moments: like atoms, they make up everything
• A kiss is never to be taken lightly — so write it in everything
• Take space to breathe
• Writing is a rush
• All words are right, in some way
• Never let those dreams go — dreams make us sad and whole, broken and missing, lost
• Be in love with love
• All love is valid — it all weighs in the same: bank it
• Let your lostloves and neverfounds sink you somedays — it’s OK
• Read and re-read your words; love them and cherish them like gems of light
• Never, on no account, ever burn or throw away your words
• All words are right — know this
• You are an artist — despite what may be said
• Art is a way of living
• Treat your notebooks like relics
• Write your words in any manner that suits your mood
• Be confident in knowing what illuminates you
• Share your moments of beauty with those who know what moments of beauty are
• Beauty is in ache and stretch, in lament and love
• Nothing is ever finished
• We, and our stories, are comprised of layers and glass
• Everything connects
• All stories are true
• Texture and rhythm in weaves and depths
• Lush loved words
• Collect, collate, clip
• Writings in concurrent states of becoming
• Infusions of magic: of the real and of the imagined
• Overlaps, circlings, returns within and in between the body of work
Regarding non-fiction, my writing in this respect is focused on my on-going work with children in the field known as ‘playwork’.

Please feel free to browse these writings (on play and playwork practice) at

Published play and playwork articles are listed at
www.playworkings.wordpress.com/published writing credits
You can visit my Goodreads page at www.goodreads.com/joelseath

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. tyroper says:

    I have appreciated your writing and your comments on my blog. I have nominated you for The Liebster Award. No obligation to pass along, I just wanted to recognize bloggers who’ve been an encouragement recently. Thank you!


  2. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    Pleased to meet you Joel. A beautiful “Manifesto for writing”. You are welcome to visit my poetry blog when you get the chance to. 🙂

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