Library of the Read

For personal curiosity and future reference: library records of read works, from late 2012 — present.

Abram, D. (1997), The spell of the sensuous: perception and language in a more-than-human world. New York, NY: Vintage

Ackroyd, P. (1993), Hawksmoor. London: Penguin Books

Bachelard, G. (1994), The poetics of space. Boston, MA: Beacon

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Chatwin, B. (2003), The songlines. London: Vintage

Coates, B. (2014), The last Viking. London: Simon & Schuster

Coelho, P. (2007), The witch of Portobello. London: Harper

Cornwell, B. (1995), The winter king: a novel of Arthur. London: Michael Joseph

Cornwell, B. (2002), Vagabond. London: HarperCollinsPublishers

Cornwell, B. (2004), The last kingdom. London: HarperCollins

Cornwell, B. (2006), The pale horseman. London: HarperCollins

Cornwell, B. (2006), The lords of the north. London: HarperCollins

Cornwell, B. (2007), Sword song. London: HarperCollins

Cornwell, B. (2009), The burning land. London: HarperCollins

Cornwell, B. (2011), Death of kings. London: HarperCollins

Cornwell, B. (2011), Enemy of God: a novel of Arthur. London: Penguin

Cornwell, B. (2011), Excalibur: a novel of Arthur. London: Penguin

Cornwell, B. (2013), The pagan lord. London: HarperCollins

Cornwell, B. (2014), The empty throne. London: HarperCollins

Cornwell, B. (2016), Warriors of the storm. London: Harper

Cornwell, B. (2016), The flame bearer. London: HarperCollins

Cornwell, B. (2017), Fools and mortals. London: HarperCollins

Cornwell, B. (2019), War of the wolf. London: HarperCollinsPublishers Ltd

Croall, J. (1983), Neill of Summerhill: the permanent rebel. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul

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Drndić, D. (2017), Belladonna. London: MacLehose Press

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Fischer, T. (2001), Don’t read this book if you’re stupid. London: Vintage

Freud, E. (1993), Hideous kinky. London: Penguin Books

Gaiman, N. (2005), Stardust. London: Headline Review

Gaiman, N. (2017), Norse mythology. London: Bloomsbury

Gammage, D. (2017), Playful awakening: releasing the gift of play in your life. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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Ghosh, A. (2001), The glass palace. London: HarperCollins

Griffiths, J. (1999), Pip pip: a sideways look at time. London: Flamingo

Griffiths, J. (2013), Kith: the riddle of the childscape. London: Hamish Hamilton

Griffiths, J. (2017), Tristimania: a diary of manic depression. London: Penguin Books

Grof, S. (1985), Beyond the brain: birth, death and transcendence in psychotherapy. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press

Haig, M. (2017), How to stop time. Edinburgh: Canongate Books Ltd

Han, K. (2015), The vegetarian. London: Portobello Books

Han, K. (2018), The white book. London: Portobello Books

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Hunt, A. (2010), King Arthur: shadows in the mist. London: Avalonia

Ishiguro, K. (2005), The remains of the day. London: Faber and Faber (originally published 1989)

Ishiguro, K. (2006), Never let me go. London: Faber and Faber

Ishiguro, K. (2010), Nocturnes: five stories of music and nightfall. London: Faber and Faber

Jansson, T. (2003), The summer book. London: Sort Of Books

Jansson, T. (2006), A winter book. London: Sort Of Books

Jansson, T. (2009), The true deceiver. London: Sort Of Books

Jansson, T. (2010), Travelling light. London: Sort Of Books

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