With the evolution of the writer comes the evolution of the written word, and the progress of the content of this site is no different in this respect. The work in hand is consideration of the entirety of the content so far and the grouping of those writings into phases. Links to these phases can be found in the side bar.

It would be too cumbersome and inelegant to attribute a long list of categories to cross reference each post, so an overview of the threads that run through each phase is listed below.

Updated: December 13, 2017
Phase I:
December 2012 —
January 2013

Appreciations and beginnings
Exploring genre
Exploring characters
About words
Real life inspirations
Exploring becoming a writer
Personal historical inspirations/reverie
Exploring writing subjects and themes
Exploring other writers’ affects
Abstract inspirations (muses and dreams, or day and night dreams)
Meta-writing (on the art of writing)
Ideas on beauty
Phase II:
February 2013 —
July 2013

Further on reverie
The art process of writing
Reflections on writing
Immersions in place
Further exploring the affects of words
Exploring written depths (worlds, moments, observations)
Expanding manifesto aspects
Further exploring other writers’ affects
On writing technique
Analysis of ‘the writer’
Analysis of fiction
Philosophical considerations on fiction
Phase III:
July 2013 —
November 2013

Exploring magic and myth
Further exploration of genre
Reflections on story genesis
Further on the art process of writing
Further immersions in place/fiction blends
Considerations of time
Deconstructions of writerly concern
Further on abstract inspirations of day and night dreams
Studies of the city
Of emergent characters
In Memoriam:
December 2013
Book Reviews (2014/15):
January 2014 —
March 2015

March 2015 —
December 2015

Phase IV:
December 2015 —
July 2016

Depth considerations: time, place, city, reverie, words
Blended fiction-analysis of writing process and affect of words
Towards phenomenological considerations: how is it that words are?
Further regarding myth and magic, spells and story genesis
Fiction-journalism blending
July 2016 —
December 2017

Phase V:
In the thinking . . .