Treasure Chest

Every so often I would like to offer up a piece of fiction, a piece of travel, or the like. These are either raw words, as written in journals (using ‘notebook spelling and grammar’ — they may be rough and ready and in need of further copy-editing, but I place them here in the meantime), or they may be words that have been settling for a while.

I offer them out because they need a listening ear or they reach a point of telling me that others now can read them. I offer them out in the hope that what is given can be appreciated, at the least, and not abused. Review on these offerings is embraced, though the intention of publishing here is not to workshop them, and any constructive feedback will be accepted.
This page is under continual construction. Please click on the links below for the pieces included so far.
being, currently, an experiment of meta-fiction
Travel Journals
being, currently, travel writing spanning 2000-2015
Small Stones Found
being delicacies from other writers’ offerings,
taken out of the comfort and context of their original pages,
placed in the hidden drawers of notebooks for safe-keeping


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